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Q. What is PB Rewards?
PB Rewards is a customer appreciation program for readers of the Post Bulletin, offering access to exclusive events, discount offers, and experiences in the area.

Q. What specialty publications can I expect to receive?
Print subscribers will receive 507 Magazine, At Home Magazine and Radish Magazine, among other exclusive publications such as Local List, Summer Camps Guide, Destination Medical Center special sections, Real Estate Marketplace, plus more!

  • 507 Magazine is a weekly premiere entertainment guide filled with the latest info on food, music, drinks, theatre, comedy, family events and more in the 507 area code.
  • Haven Home & Lifestyle is a monthly publication showcasing local real estate opportunities, home trends, renovation tips, DIY projects and more.
  • Radish Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle publication highlighting approaches for living a healthy and sustainable life and improving community health through education on natural foods, products and services offered in southeastern Minnesota.
  • Local List is a yearly publication showcasing the region’s entertainment activities, businesses, municipal and county services, dining, plus more.

Q. What if I go on vacation?
No problem -- just let us know when to stop and restart your service.


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